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Throughout the years, we have been involved in all phases of development, including market analysis, land acquisition, financing, development planning, product design, construction, leasing, management and the selling of completed residential and office/retail projects.

Kimberly D. Ames


Mrs. Ames has been involved in the multifamily industry for 16 years. During this time, her primary responsibility and focus has been obtaining equity investors for multi-million dollar projects and becoming a HUD 221(d)(4) approved Sponsor. In addition to raising equity Mrs. Ames has been heavily involved in the development of all assets, from site selection, Partnership creation, design of projects, management team selection and lease-up to the successful sale of each. Her expertise in client relations, investor protection, accountability and the ability to put together a strong Development/Construction team enabled her to move into the lead position of KA Development Group.

Charles Ames

Development / Investments

A thirty-five -year veteran in the real estate and construction industry, Mr. Ames is known as an innovator in the development and construction of luxury residential, multi-family and commercial properties. With commitment to detail, flexibility, thorough cost management and resourcefulness, Mr. Ames consistently succeeds in delivering the ultimate in luxury living. With significant construction development throughout Texas, as well as in North Carolina, Florida and Colorado, Mr. Ames has developed over 20,000 luxury living units and also developed 1,000+ acres in retail/master-planned communities. Mr. Ames was responsible for more than 2,600,000 aggregate square feet of commercial construction and interior finish out. In addition to his responsibilities for financial reporting and accountability, Mr. Ames took primary responsibility for feasibility and bank reporting as well as project management—for every element of the development from job bidding, securing and closing debt and equity financing, negotiating all construction and architectural contracts with clients and institution partners including Trammel Crow, Olympia-York, Hunt Properties, Center Development, Lehman Brothers Holding Inc., Wachovia Securities, Key Bank, Michigan State Pension Fund and California Pension Fund. The experience, insight and commitment to quality, which Mr. Ames developed during these years, served him well as he established the Allegiance affiliated companies. With a focus on the construction and developments of multi-family projects, Mr. Ames, through numerous partnerships, has recently been responsible for the construction and development elements of a number of award winning projects.

Dustin Ames

Director of Finance

Prior to joining our team, Mr. Ames gained valuable experience as a part-time financial consultant in the multifamily/development industry while earning his MBA in Finance. During this time, he was also a financial analyst for an energy company. In both roles, his main responsibilities included minimizing financial risk for the company and predicting future trends. In his current position, as the financial manager, he is responsible for analyzing the risks of any potential project with a thorough cost and market analysis. Once a project has been deemed viable, he is responsible for ensuring the completion of a projects’ executive summary and assisting in obtaining equity investors.

Kim Dozier

Sr. Development and Asset Manager

Mrs. Dozier has twenty-nine years of multifamily development, construction and management experience. Prior to joining KA Development Group Mrs. Dozier was Vice President of Development & Management for a small development company where during her tenure 6,100, units valued in excess of $450 million were completed, with many being financed using the FHA 221(d)(4) program. Her development responsibilities included site selection, underwriting new development opportunities, managing the process of design, political interface, market analysis required for each new development and all Partnerships financing and reporting. Her construction responsibilities have included budget creation, implementation and accountability, project oversight and reporting. Additionally, she has experience with all aspects of Property Management and was responsible for the Management and lease up of all Owner/Managed projects.

John Ames

Executive Assistant

Mr. Ames has 3 years of experience in the multifamily industry. He has utilized his degree, focused on Real Estate, Psychology, and International Studies, in a way that makes him a valuable asset in several areas of KA Development Groups endeavors. He plays a key role in project origination, working with architects/engineers to establish the overall design of what KA is striving to create, and coordinating with our team on-site. He also takes on responsibilities such as working with designers to create the desired aesthetic for our developments. As the Executive Assistant, he is in charge of all IT needs both at our corporate office and on-site, in addition to establishing and maintaining relationships with vendors. From the beginning of a project to the end, Mr. Ames is responsible for coordinating several areas of the multifamily development process.

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KA Development has more than thirty years experience in the real estate industry, earning the reputation of being a leader in the development, construction and management of commercial and residential properties.

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Our product has been nominated for numerous multi-family building achievement awards
The properties developed by KA Development Group are always noted for their innovation and exceptional attention to detail. KA Development Group has more than thirty years experience in the real estate industry, earning the reputation of being a leader in the development, construction and management of commercial and residential properties.